Variable Speed of Light
A Time Varying Speed of Light as a Solution to Cosmological Puzzles. 1999
Andreas Albrecht and Joao Magueijo,

Keywords from an interview to João Magueijo, Portuguese scientist.

The VSL theory until a certain extend contradicts the relativity theory.

Relativity, as a concept, following which every movement is relative and so there’s no concept of absolute rest.

From the observation of the spectral lines that are formed on very distant dust clouds, that have in the past been used to measure, among others, the speed of light.

Since these lines are very distant, the speed of light can be measured as it was when these were created, being possible this way to draw a map of the speed of light during the past.

There’s not right or wrong and science is like that.
There’s no theory exactly correct but always approximations.
The same way that Newton’s theory was integrated as a limit of Einstein theory, Einstein’s theory is a limit of VSL

Even Einstein questioned his own relativity theory.

At a moment we receive one image from an object it is not like that anymore and maybe it doesn’t exist.
There is a visible part of the universe, the light that arrives at a certain moment and brigs information, and an invisible part, since the speed of light doesn’t allow the instant knowledge of a distant region.
Since the particles of light – the photons – are the faster particle, are those that establish some uniformity degree on the temperature and mass density of the universe.

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