(Frame: Hiroshima mon amour, by Alain Resnais)

Tadao Ando

“Just as the great or small dimensions of a space, its low or lofty ceiling, or its continuity or dissected discontinuity are able to move the human spirit, so too should windows be devised with the intent of elevating space to a more sublime dimension. Windows should rouse our emotions and result with raw humanity.

Modern architecture, in my estimation, is far too obsessed with homogeneous light. In such circumstances, even if there is a visual order, we cannot feel the overwhelming will of the architect. Light, after all, is the only thing that can illuminate the hollowed out interior of architecture, carry it to buoyancy, and breath life into it. And darkness, which imparts to light its character and enhances its brilliance, is merely an aspect of that light.”

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Jose Nuno Sampaio

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