Luc Lafortune

Address given on the occasion of the Celebration of Light 2006 – Frankfurt/ D

Inspiration is that one thing that gets you thinking.
It is not something to be found and discussed strictly at the onset of the creative process and then put aside but rather, it is something which carries you through the whole creative process by occurring again and again.

In truth, there was not one single story but there were thousands of stories.
Or to be more literal about it, if there are 1800 spectators in the audience, there are just as many stories.

There are many questions that need answer, few of which have to do with gels or wattage or the latest technology.
We know all of this. We have the knowledge and there will be time enough for that.
The more essential questions are; what is our motivation for doing this?

The medium is of little use if there’s nothing to convey, and it is that something which, in time, will inspire our choices and decisions with regards to the means.

But I also tell the students of the importance to learn to be still, to watch, and to listen, and to occasionally walk away from the theatre and consequently, the medium.
Creation and inspiration is impossible if you have nothing to say. And you won’t have anything to say, at least of relevance to the audience, if you don’t have a life that goes beyond the craft.

For me, the best idea I can come up with for finding inspiration is simply to open myself to it and make room in my life for it to find me.
It’s like looking for love: if you go after it, it keeps disappearing. But when you least expect it, when you are busy just living, that’s when it shows up.
Inspiration starts with a state of mind, a state of being, un état d’âme.
It is nothing you can capture, but it can capture you, if you let it, if you put yourself in a place to receive it , or rather, for it to receive you.

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