Isamu Noguchi

A Sculptor’s world ( New York and Evanston: Harper Row, 1968 )

“ The name akari which I coined, means in Japanese light as illumination. It also suggests lightness as opposed to weight. The ideograph combines that of the sun and the moon. The ideal of akari is exemplified with lightness (as essence) and light (for awareness).
The quality is poetic, ephemeral, and tentative. Looking more fragile than they are akari seam to float, casting their light as in passing. They do not encumber our space as mass or as a possession; if they hardly exist in use, when are not in use they fold away in an envelope. They perch light as a feather, some pinned to the wall, other clipped to a cord, and all may be moved with the thought. “

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Jose Nuno Sampaio

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