(Frame: Blade Runner, by Ridley Scott)

Boris Vian
Lecume des Jours, 1947

“Why don’t you put a light on?” Alise asked
“It’s dark in here”

“It’s already been dark for some time” said Chloe
“For quite a while. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. Try it and see for yourself”

Alise switched on the lamp and the bulb gave off a pale shimmer of light.

“The lamps are dying” said Chloe
“And the walls are shrinking. This window here is shrinking too…”

“How can that be?” Alise asked

“I don’t know” said Chloe.
“But look, there’s some light over there!”

The black-whiskered mouse had just come into the room, carrying a tiny splinter from one of the floor-tiles, which gave off a bright light.

“As soon as it gets dark, the mouse brings me a bit of light.” Chloe explained.
She fondly ruffled the fur of the little mouse as it laid its gift on the bedside table.

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