………Charles Darwin (July 3rd 1881) : “I consider it a fortunate event for science, that a man like yourself, who is not content merely to collect and describe species belonging to various neglected groups (though this is good and valuable work), but looks to philosophical questions, should inhabit a group of oceanic islands. You have a splendid field for observation, and I do not doubt that your researches will be very valuable.”

Codice Matritense:
“Cuando aun era de noche,
Cuando aun no había dia,
Cuando aun no había luz,
Se reunieron.
Se convocaron los dioses,
Alla en Teotihuacan.”

(Location: Casa Luis Barragán, Mexico City DF)

Inaccurately, often Luis Barragán is referred as the architect of colors. In fact, his architecture was about light and how that revealed space and pigmented colors.