“Humans reflect about light as much do fish reflect about water.”

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José Nuno Sampaio’s initial Lighting Design career was developed on Stage and Contemporary Art

In 1998 started working with a contemporary art museum (MACS) educational service

Lighting MACS management and design between 2000 and 2004 , in this context had the privilege to directly work with some of the greatest performers and artists, highlighting Nan Goldin, Lee Ranaldo and Anne Teresa Keersmaeker, etc..

Gradually it happened to be invited to collaborate within Architectural Projects for lighting Consulting and Designing, and input Value

Gradually integrated architecture projects for lighting contributions and in 2005, on the international path,  where assisted Peter Gasper in lighting two of Oscar Niemeyer architecture in iconic Brasilia

Between 2009 and 2012 has coordinated a component on a EU project addressing LED Lighting in Public Space, with members in Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden

His PhD research was initiated during this process